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Falconry Experience days and courses, bird of prey centre in Mid Wales

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Mid Wales Falconry birds of prey centre was started as a part time venture in 2000. Today we provide numerous falconry activities, demonstrations, and outside events seven days a week, all year round, from falconry experience days, hawk walks, hunting days to
one-to-one training and pest control. We cater for individuals and groups and are able to provide accommodation at the farm. Our close adherence to the Mission Statement has meant that we have a loyal clientbase that visit us regularly throughout the year, and event organisers who invite us back time and again.

Based on a 1200 acre farm in Mid Wales and only open by appointment, we offer an exclusive introduction to the world of falconry and birds of prey. Our clients have the one to one experience of handling various falcons, hawks, owls and vultures in stunning surroundings without the distractions of the run of the mill falconry centres.

NEWS - Mid Wales Falconry assists Spring Watch in their latest TV programme which features Goshawks. See the links below:

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Falconry experience days at Penbryn, WalesMission Statement

We are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of raptor management and training.

  • We will impart a full understanding of keeping birds of prey for the purposes of falconry and hawking to those attending our courses.
  • Our falconers will be polite and represent falconry in a manner in which the sport deserves.
  • Our activities, courses and events will be informative, educational, and accurate.
  • It is our guarantee that all our raptors will be exercised six days a week to ensure a high standard of fitness, good behaviour and excellent performance.
  • All the accommodation and equipment will be maintained to the highest standard for the health and comfort of our birds of prey.





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Mid Wales Falconry, Pen Y Bryn, Castle Caereinion, Welshpool SY21 9AS. 01938 850265