Falconry Experience Days, Birds of Prey Centre, Mid Wales

Falconry Experience Days

The Falconry Experience Day starts with you being introduced to the falconer over some light refreshments. During this initial meeting the falconer will outline the day for you with a view to your interests and physical abilities.

Next you will be given a guided tour of the birds of prey. Each of our raptors will be introduced to you and you will be told about each bird’s history, its wild relatives and some of the anecdotes that make these individuals special. This is the perfect time to get those close up photographs.

We will move onto the classroom where you will learn about falconry and the the various pieces of equipment used in falconry. A brief history of this ancient art will be given and perhaps you can try your hand at making the furniture that the hawks wear.

With a suitable glove you will be taken into the fields to fly some of the birds you have just met. Starting with one or two of the owls you will progress to the buzzard or vulture before it is time for lunch.

Lunch will be served in the farmhouse kitchen. As everything is prepared on site let us know before hand if you have any dietary considerations. After lunch we will continue to the highest point on the farm.

Once on the hill you will get a spectacular view of the surrounding Welsh hills and mountain ranges as one or two of the falcons perform amazing aerial feats above your head.

Finally it is a gentle stroll back to the farm accompanied by the Harris’ Hawks. The hawks will follow you from tree to tree back to the farm, occasionally soaring like the local buzzards and alighting on your fist for a titbit.

Falconry Hawk Walk

Hunting Day



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