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Pest Control

Over the centuries man has lived in communities. As the communities grew into villages, towns and cities uninvited animals and birds joined these communities. Today some of these creatures are seen as a threat to our health and safety and as such are required by law to be removed or destroyed. These animals can pose a threat to public safety in the form of bird strikes against aircraft at airports, tunnelling under buildings and undermining foundations. The threat to public health can be greater as disease carrying animals and birds can pass on scores of viruses to affect our lives.

We provide a pest control service, which will assist in the removal of any public health or safety threat by animals and birds in a natural and humane manner.

An initial intensive treatment using trained raptors to deter pest species from your site will encourage the majority of the pests to move away. As the treatment progresses the pests are convinced that a predator has taken up residence at your site and so reinforces the idea that your site is unsafe for the pest species.

Using birds of prey is a natural answer to pest control. There is no need for poisons and traps that are often seen as inhumane by the general public and in the case of poisons unacceptable where foodstuffs or pet animals are present. Shooting is often impractical in public areas and recorded distress calls have been found to be less affective if used over a long period. However, the sight of a hunting raptor will always be an incentive for the pest to take up residence in a safer area.

We provide a free site surveying service with written quotation for each project.



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