Falconry Experience Days, Birds of Prey Centre, Mid Wales


Full Experience Day
A full experience day costs from £120.00 per person per day. Spectators will be charged at £80.00 per person.

1/2 Experience Day
A ½ experience day costs £65.00 per person. Unfortunately, there is no allowance for spectators on this activity.

Classic Hawk Walk
A Classic hawk walk will cost £45.00 per person. Unfortunately, as with ½ days and all other hawk walks there is no allowance for spectators.

Hunting Days
Hunting days at Mid Wales Falconry are priced at £125.00 per person with an additional charge for spectators of £75.00 per person.

Corporate Days
All corporate days are priced at £100.00 per person.

All activities listed above are subject to discount for any group bookings.

Falconry Courses
All falconry courses are priced per day

Apprenticeship Scheme
The apprenticeship scheme is priced at £75.00 per module with a total of 20 modules, the full price therefore being £1500.00.

Lantra Awards
The Lantra Award 2 ½ day course is priced at £250.00 + £25.00 certification. This course is not a beginners course and applicants wishing to pass the Lantra Approved Award Scheme should consider the full Apprenticeship Scheme currently available through Mid Wales Falconry. For the more experienced falconers who wish to simply be assessed then the price will be £75.00 + £25.00 certification.

Children's Parties
Our parties are priced at £15.00 per head, minimum of 10 people, with an additional £12.00 per head for any extras Minimum of 2 adults. Food if required is priced at £4.00 per head for our standard buffet, and £8.00 for the de-luxe.

School Shows
All school shows are priced at £200.00 for away visits + travelling, and £150.00 for home visits.

Photographic Workshops
Please contact mid Wales falconry for prices and dates of availability. Maximum of 12 people per workshop.




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