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The Birds of Prey

We have a total of twenty birds of prey that make up our summer and winter teams; of which all our clients have their favourite.

Most of the raptors have come to us second hand for various reasons. Some have been badly looked after and have required long and patient work to help them learn to enjoy life. Others have been acquired because of the time commitment they demanded from their previous owners was too great. Grace, one of the vultures, was even found flying along the Welsh coastline and needed a home.

However our raptors came to us they are all working birds. Some relish the opportunity to show off their flying prowess to large audiences at public events; others are more retiring and work within our flying lands for smaller and more exclusive audiences.

All our birds of prey and owls have their own characters.

Another one of our hunting hawks, Shadow, an American red tail hawk, originally from North America. He is used along side Gelert, Saffron and Merlin on all our hunting days.

Our common male Buzzard, a very well tempered bird, used on all our winter experience days and summer static shows.
A male Harris hawk, hatched in May 2003 originates as all
Harris hawks do from Central America. Jet is used at the centre for all our summer shows, corporate events and children's parties etc.

Our African Turkey Vulture, born April 2002, is used on all our summer school shows and experience days.
An immature male Kestrel, used for our experience days and summer shows, where he has the ability to hover 5–7 feet above the visitors heads.
An immature female merlin, Lady is flown on all our spring and summer experience days.
A young male hobby, also known as a robin.

A female Peregrine/Saker hybrid. Sapphire is a popular bird with all our photographic workshops, as well as winter experience days.


A tri-bred falcon, (Gyr/Prairie/Saker), used on all our winter experiences days and autumn/winter flying displays.
An immature tiercel Peregrine falcon, used on all static and flying summer shows as well as being a favourite of all our photographic workshops.
A rather biligurant Canadian Great Horned Owl with an attitude, Barry was hatched in 2001, and is used on our winter experience days as well as being a valued member of our “Two Hour Owl Experience team”.
Another one of our Great Grey Owls, Cheerful is used for certain photographic workshops as well as our Two Hour Owl Experience.
Our young immature Bengal Eagle Owl, Amber is flown at the centre for all our summer experience days, and school visits.
Statler and Waldof
Our two very rare Short Eared Owls are a favourite for visitors comming to the centre and are utilized on all our photographic workshops.

Possibly one of the centers favourite birds, Magic is a female Barn Owl and is used on most of our summer shows as well as winter experience days and “Two Hour Owl Experience”.

Another firm favourite of the centre, Cheep is used almost all year round out of popular demand by our visitors, a Great Grey Owl, Cheep originates from the Russian Steppes area and can be found in Alaska, Scandinavia and other polar arctic countries.
A male European Eagle Owl hatched in 2003, a popular bird with many people who visit the centre, he is used on all our winter experience days and displays as well as our “Two Hour Owl Experience”.
Our baby female Tawny Owl. Hatched in the April of 2007 even at such an early age Jasmine has already been used on certain summer shows, and is intended to be used for future experience days, children's parties, schools shows and our “Two Hour Owl Experience”.
Our very young Long Eared Owl hatched almost at the same time as Jasmine in the April of 2007, he has quickly become a firm favourite of all visitors to the centre as well as being widely used on all our photographic workshops and winter activities.
Our immature Little Owl. Hatched on the 14th July 2007, she is already being used at the centre for experience days and photographic workshops. Jezabelle, has made a huge impact with all our younger visitors as well as adults and parents alike.
Our beautiful Chilean Blue Eagle. Hatched on the 22nd May 2005, she is used on all our summer displays, as well as our specialist hawk walks (see Eagle hawk walks for details).
Our Red Kite. Hatched on the 22nd May 2005 she is another favourite at the centre. Myfanwy is utilized on photographic workshops and winter experience days.




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